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The HIVE Membership is only offered for those whom have completed Dr. Jarero's two-day Advanced Training Workshop on Early EMDR Interventions and Ongoing Traumatic Stress. If you have not yet completed the Advanced Training Workshop, please click here for more information on the next available workshops –

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The Annual Membership Fee covers your HIVE Membership for one year from the date of the purchase. Your Hive Membership will be renewed annually unless you choose to cancel. You will receive an email 30 days before and 7 days before your Hive Membership will be renewed.
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In addition to the materials made available to Hive Members on our membership portal website, you will be granted access to the HIVE Facebook Group. Since this is a public forum, we ask that you maintain public decency and decorum with your participation. Do not share confidential information of any kind. Do not use this group as a place to air your grievances with Scaling Up, its owners or affiliates. And be advised that we may use any content you provide to this group for our own marketing purposes. If we feel that you have violated this code of conduct at any time, we have the right to terminate your Hive Membership. We do not assume liability for the content provided by other members of the Facebook Group.

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We do not guaranty that the Hive Membership, any of the materials provided therewith, or participation in the Facebook Group, will provide any personal or professional success. You assume sole liability and all risk involved in utilizing any of the techniques, ideas or therapies covered in the materials provided.

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We have not arranged for any of the materials available with the Hive Membership to provide you with continuing education credit.
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